Booking Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply between Kust Event and the Self-Employed,
or through any other agreement with Coastal Event, as stated in the guest's confirmation.
The agreement applies to Kust Event arranged trips or packages.

Organizer is:

Legal name: Kust Event i Strömstad AB
Address: N. Linnégatan 2B, 452 31 Strömstad.
Telephone: 0526-600 20. Orgnr. 556829-7229.


As the organizer Kust Event is liable to the guest for what has to be done as a result of the agreement / confirmation. 

Information in catalogs, websites and brochures is binding for the Kust Event.
These can be changed by Kust Event before any agreement is made with the guest or in clear conversation with the guest.
Kust Event reserves the right to make corrections or errors.
Kust Event also sees itself for untrue weather or unforeseen repairs on boats.
On these occasions, other types of tours are offered. As an organizer Kust Event has to offer the following:
Written confirmation of your booking by e-mail
This information about the payment was made This date and time will be stated upon confirmation.
The booking is made via the Internet to the stop times of each archipelago trip.

Payment with card payment at the time of booking.
Payments are only calculated for what is described in each archipelago trip.
Each drink is added to all prices.
No booking will be registered unless full payment is made and the confirmation has been received by email from the guest.

Any cancellation will be made via the internet on the same page as the booking. T
he confirmation of the cancellation will be sent by e-mail to the guest.
Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the planned departure and will not be charged.
If canceled later, 100 percent will be charged.
The money will be refunded to the same card number used by the guest to pay for the trip at the time of booking.
Obligations of the guest In order to book / participate in a Coastal Event, the guest must be 18 or in the company of the goalkeeper.
The guest is responsible for compliance with the necessary formalities for the travel.
Kust Event has the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect if the
Guest or any person in the Guest's company on board or at any other place leased by the Guest in connection
with any Package Purchases is disruptive and / or encouraging.
In the event of immediate termination of the contract for the reasons stated above,
Kust Event will charge the guest a compensation equal to the loss, but not less than SEK 2000.

Privacy Act 
Kust Event has no right to disclose personal information to any party other than government
agencies or insurance companies in the event of an accident.
This to meet the insurance conditions in case of damage.
Kust Event may use this information in Travel Marketing.

Due to allergies, it is not allowed to bring pets to the lounge on board.
You must stay on the front or back deck. At every landing during the tour, the guest responsible for the leash is used.
Every fight The guest should contact the Kust Event in case of complaints.
If the parties disagree in negotiations, the guest may contact the General Board of Appeal or the Swedish court.

Force majeure
Both parties have the right to withdraw from the contract if the event is not possible due to acts of war,
natural disasters, labor disputes, further disturbances of the water or energy supply,
fires or similar events that neither party can foresee or influence.