Experience Strömstad and Skjærhalden

Strömstad - the pearl of the west coast

The northernmost westcoastcity in Sweden is Strömstad, a city that offers a beautiful landscape, refreshing baths, delicacies from the sea, shopping and an exciting nightlife. The population is increasing from 13,000 to almost 200,000 during the summer season, and there is a buzz in the city. "Shrimptennis", Harbourfun, Shrimp Day and unforgettable days give you memories of the Swedish summer.

The surrounding area has a rich history. With close cooperation with our Norwegian neighbors, excursions to Fredriksten Fortress are recommended. It was here in northern Bohuslän, that King Charles XII and his "carolines" were in the pre-attack on  Norway. Here we also find traces from the Viking age and how the fishermen lived around the turn of the last  century. Well-preserved and still  used boathouses  can be found along the cliffs and archipelagos. Wooden houses are proof of the fresh ,salt-filled wind, this is the Swedish west coast,  at its  best. This is where the past and the future  come together. Strömstad offers something for the whole family.  Playgrounds, swimming, nightlife, good food, diving, fishing and history. Or why not enjoy the lazy days on the bridge or on the beach?

Whaleparadise i Østfold

Hvaler is a group of 833 islands. The largest island is Kirkøy, where Skjjærhalden is located,  which is also the most important city. The population is over 4,000 throughout the year but increases up to 40,000 in the summer. Industries such as  whaling, shrimp fishing and quarries have had a major impact on the islands for many generations. An idyllic place,  offering  many beautiful beaches, even in the center of the city, hiking trails, a national park, "Captain Neptune", lots of history, cafes, restaurants and shops. Island-hopping between the islands you make it easy with Hvaler-ferries. By bus for half an hour you can easily reach Fredrikstad for a wider selection of restaurants and shops. For those looking for a simple connection between Oslo and Strömstad, this is the perfect route. By bus from Oslo to Skjærhalden and then a large archipelago tour with Vesleø II takes you easily to Strömstad.


Tilbud - Vesleøkortet

Ønsker du generøse tilbud fra de fleste cafeer, butikker og restauranter i Strømstad? Vesleø kortet tilbyr deg rabatter som gir ditt opphold i Strømstad det lille ekstra. Perfekt for deg som gjerne besøker Strømstad mer enn en gang i året.

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